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Aerodynamic Sound Attenuators

Computer Design & Selection Program


  • Modules Will Be Sized to Your X or Y Dimension, No Transition Required

  • Silencer Lengths Will Be Chosen To Suit Your Acoustic, Space and/or Pressure Loss Requirements - Automatically Selected by ASI Aeroacoustic Proprietary Computer Program

  • Splitters Can Be Aligned in Either the X or Y Plane to Minimize Pressure Drop Due to Inlet Flow Distortions

  • Silencer Combinations in Full Module and Half Module Increments for Large Areas/Ducts

  • Galvanized Metal Construction (Class I). For Heavier Construction (ASI Aeroacoustic Class 5), Massive Galvannealed Externals and Heavier Internals are Incorporated into Silencer

Example: Rectangular ModulesRegtangular Acoustical Module

  • X & Y: Equipment/Duct Connection Size

  • L: Silencer Length Overall, Including Mating Connections, Each End

  • M: Module Dimension, or Multiples to Fit X & Y Dimensions, Acoustic and Aerodynamic Critera

  • G: Gap - Splitter/Gap/Length/Height Ratios Computer Iterated for Acoustics & Aerodynamics

Choose From:

Rectangular Silencer

Small to large module sizes
Low Aerodynamic losses

Flatpac Silencer

Low profile/varied configurations
Easily installed


Acoustic Louver
Acoustic Louver

Modest acoustic performance
Low volume flows


Circular Silencer

Lower shell break-out/in noise
Higher static operating pressures

Elbow Silencer

Aerodynamic turns/High volume flows
Excellent low frequency performance

Acoustic Turning Vane/Splitter
Turning Vane/Splitter

High mass flows/large cross sectional areas
Very low Aerodynamic losses

Hybrid Silencer

Hybrid Units

High Performance
Circular Internals
Rectangular Externals
External Aerodynamic Fairings

Series Ganged

Custom Designs