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Community Noise Remediation for Industrial/Commercial Applications

Urban Building Noise

Urban building noise may radiate noise
from sources located below grade to
above rooftop

Multiple Building Noise Reduction

Industrial complex consisting of multiple buildings, requires an orchestrated plan for effective reduction in overall noise emissions

Large Scale Noise Reduction

Large scale noise reduction projects may be phased to negate community encroachment toward plant property lines

Noise Source(s) Elevation: Below Grade - Grade Level - Roof Top

With the passage of time, or by design necessity, an industrial complex, commercial building or power generation facility may find it is adjacent to one or more property lines defining land use classifications sensitive to noise. These noise sensitive areas may be zoned as residential, medical, religious, recreational, educational or a host of other equally critical receptors. Regardless of circumstances, the potential for environmental impairment liability (EIL) must be recognized and accommodated with a responsive and responsible procedure to avert a possibility of litigation, revenue stream and/or civil penalties.

Acoustics, Aerodynamics & Thermodynamics are System Integrated

Testing System Operational Parameters

ASI Aeroacoustic Engineers testings to verify system operational parameters

Noise Field Certification

ASI Aeroacoustic Engineer performs near field certification of installed noise abatement equipment

Although Federal and State environmental noise regulations are quite explicit, it must be recognized that these same laws are based on ambient sound levels dating back 25 years, or more, when the world was a much quieter place. In many instances, the stated regulatory acoustic criteria can not be met even if all the facilities equipment were turned off! In other words, the existing background noise (ambient sound pressure level) is above the legal limits before the facility contribution is even considered. Sounds like the proverbial "Catch 22". It could be if a true sound-scape is not established to define what may be possible to achieve within the law and what defies the laws of physics.

There are numerous critical processes and equipment that can not be turned off to measure the effect on facility acoustic emissions. However, through computer simulations utilizing proprietary software, the critical system(s) and its' associated components can be virtually "shut-down" or acoustically modified to evaluate its' impact on community noise without production interruption. Also, various noise remediation scenarios can be evaluated, by computer simulation, to select a design that will minimize operation impact, maximize cost effectiveness, accommodate aerodynamic requirements and achieve acoustic criteria.

How to begin a noise remediation project for a specific process, system or an entire facility complex? Start by contacting ASI Aeroacoustics for a FREE telephone consultation on your acoustic problem. Let ASI Aeroacoustic's almost 40 years of acoustic analysis and noise control, from below grade to above roof top, help you develop a protocol for acoustic compliance or a legal variance.

Roof Noise Sources Projected Chart

Individual source noise reduction must be in concert with
system aerodynamics as well as other noise source
intesity levels