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Environmental Noise

Environmental Noise

  • Analysis
  • Diagnostics
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  • Certification

Community/EPA Noise Testing, Analysis & Predictive Simulation Services

Noise Testing Services Noise Analysis Noise Simulation Services

Immediate Test Results On Site

ASI Aeroacoustics has almost 40 years experience in the testing and control of environmental, industrial, architectural and blower/fan/HVAC systems noise and aeroacoustics. We can provide accurate testing, diagnostics, remediation, recommendations, certification, validation and vibration analysis. We conduct all testing, vibration, trend analysis, fault and failure predictions. Our engineers utilize current, state-of-the-art instrumentation analyzers and recorders (ANSI/ISO calibration standards) for problem analysis and solution (compliance) certification.

Our portable instrumentation supplies you with immediate test results in the engineering units dictated by governing standards. Immediate determination of test status eliminates costly retesting. No more "after-the-fact shocks" with conventional procedures. If deficiencies or abnormalities are discovered, diagnostics can be initiated while instrumentation is in place - no need for a secondary project and added expense.

Custom test protocols are easily accomplished with flexible programming. ASI Aeroacoustics proprietary, post processing programs drive powerful computer models for diagnostics, simulation or 3D graphics. Actual test duration can be as short as 1/1000th of a second or time averaged as required by specific standards. In situ, ambient normalities are automatically measured and normalized (compensated) in test results.

ASI Aeroacoustics Experts Can Assist You In Developing a Test Protocol to Satisfy Any or All Regulatory Requirements

  • AMA
  • ANSI
  • API
  • APTA
  • ARI
  • ASA
  • ASTM
  • BOCA
  • BSI
  • CEN
  • CEQ
  • CHP
  • DIN
  • DoD
  • DoJ
  • DVA
  • EEC
  • EPA
  • EX-IM
  • FAA
  • FAR
  • FDA
  • FHWA
  • FTA
  • GMP
  • GSA
  • HUD
  • IEC
  • IEEE
  • IFC
  • ISA
  • ISO
  • MAGA
  • NCA
  • NEMA
  • NEN
  • NFPA
  • NFS
  • OECD
  • ONAC
  • OSHA
  • SAE
  • SBC
  • SS
  • UBC
  • UNE
  • USDA
  • WB
  • WHO
  • ...And a
  • Host of
  • Others!

Just a Sampling of Environmental Noise Projects for Which ASI Aeroacoustics has been Privileged to Provide Assistance:

Aircraft/Helipad Flight Pattern Noise Analysis
Aircraft/Helipad Flight Pattern
Noise Analysis
Commercial/Retail Noise Monitoring
Commercial/Retail Noise Monitoring

Residential Noise Analysis
Residential Noise Impact Analysis

Certificate of EPG Noise Remediation
Certification of EPG Noise
Construction Noise Monitoring
Construction Noise Monitoring

Fixed Base EPG Noise Analysis
Fixed Base EPG Noise Analysis

Urban Traffic Noise Analysis
Urban Traffic Noise Analysis

Noise Diagnostics for Critical Land Use
Noise Diagnostics for Critical Land Use

Marine EPG Noise Analysis
Marine EPG Noise Analysis

Electrical Substation Noise Monitoring
Electrical Substation Noise Monitoring
Railroad Noise Impact Analysis
Railroad Noise Impact Analysis

Instrumentation Meets All Worldwide Acoustic Standards

Attention: Architects, Engineers, Inspectors, Managers, Quality Control, Safety
Acoustical Testing Charts

We can provide analysis for acoustics, electroacoustics, noise and vibration in the field. All field measurement locations are verified utilizing a GPS system, as required.

  • Community Noise Surveys

  • Property Line Testing

  • Environmental Impact Analysis and Statements

  • Computerized Environmental Noise Modeling of Proposed and Existing Facilities

  • Sound Level Contour Plotting

  • Aeroacoustic and Aerodynamic Source Modeling

  • Environmental Impact and Assessment Reports

  • Ln Calculations

  • FFT for Acoustics and Vibration

  • Environmental Taktmaximal Noise Measurements

  • Power-Gen and packaged Power Noise Assessment

  • Predictive Simulation of Acoustic Remediation

  • Various Other Tests

The analyzers user-interactive menus and flexible ASI Aeroacoustic programming enable us to present the full potential of a computational acoustics laboratory in the field.