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Considerations for Aseptic Acoustical Systems


  • Do basic materials meet FDA/USDA requirements?
  • Will materials "out-gas or transmute" under anticipated operating or sanitizing environments?
  • Are mechanical structures, frames and assemblies within the intent of NSF/FDA/USDA guidelines?
  • Is the system free of cracks and crevices to preclude product accumulation and subsequent biological breakdown or cross contamination of product lines?
  • Can entire acoustical system be readily inspected for possible contamination?
  • Can entire acoustical system components be easily replaced?
  • Will acoustical systems allow positive drainage to grade level after wash down?
  • Is facility and system interface spaced for cleanliness or occlusively sealed?
  • Has acoustical structure been designed to enhance internal aspiration and minimize aerostatics?
  • Does thermal gradient of selected structure inhibit internal condensation and secondary contamination?
  • Can quality of process be enhanced by creating a controlled microcosm around equipment?
  • Will acoustic system maintain sterility and integrity over time and numerous sanitation cycles?


  • Is access time by operator commensurate with potential emergencies and product loss?
  • Have component dimensions and weights been considered for operator size and gender?
  • Has material loading, finished product removal and scrap disposal been addressed?
  • Will acoustical system maintain sterility and integrity over time and numerous operational cycles?


  • Has acoustic design accounted for requisite gaps and access for sanitation?
  • Has acoustic design allowed for natural performance "droop" or degradation with increasing production rates and system wear?
  • Are acoustic design and materials consistent with sanitational requirements over projected life of system?