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High Capacity Mining Equipment

Field Noise Remediation

High Capacity Mining Equipment

Noise Exposures for equipment operator and open pit mine personnel were unacceptable. ASI Aeroacoustic field analysis disclosed the main contributor was noise emission from high capacity haulers moving in and out of the pit area. Truck sound intensity and high repetition rate for round trips provided additive effects on the acoustical environment. Further aeroacoustic diagnostics pinpointed the source as vortex shedding from the heavy duty, large air volume, engine driving cooling fan and radiator.

High Capacity Mining Noise Reduction High Air Volume Heat Exchanger

ASI Aeroacoustic design engineers went to work! Armed with engine parameters from the manufacturer and aerodynamic data from the radiator supplier, a remediation plan was developed. First, the existing system was computer modeled utilizing proprietary, 3-dimensional, acoustic and computational fluid dynamic (CFD) programs. Computer modeling suggested a concept which was prototyped and subsequently tested in wind tunnel and acoustic reverberation chamber. Total elapsed time from analysis to prototype was six (6) weeks. Installed field tests of the radiator silencer package indicated no adverse effects on the engine cooling system.

Actual noise reduction was 13 dBA. All noise exposures for operators and mine pit personnel dropped below the action levels mandated by regulations.

High air volume heat exchanger (radiator) undergoes aeroacoustic modifications in the ASI Aeroacoustic shop. Modified system provides OEM customer with reliable cooling and minimal noise.