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Acoustical Test Chamber

Acoustical Test Chamber
  • Broad-Band Response

  • Economical

  • Quickly Assembled Using Ordinary Hand Tools

  • Fully Demountable

  • Modular Construction

  • Repeated Disassembly Will Not Degrade Performance

  • Wide Range of Options and Sizes

This series of acoustical test chambers are ideally suited for product development or production testing. Modular construction permits quick and easy installation. The attractive finished test chamber is rugged enough for a permanent installation yet retains all the features of a demountable unit. Each element has a durable epoxy finish with a decorative beige exterior and ivory interior.

As normally supplied, enclosure modules are responsive to broadband noise. However, panel modules may be specified with optimum sound transmission loss and absorption coefficient for the desired test frequencies. Each chamber may be sized to meet explicit test criteria. Again, modular construction allows the user to modify chamber configuration without obsoleting existing hardware or degradation of acoustical performance.


Acoustical Test Chamber Breakapart
  • Complete Factory Assembly

  • Forced Ventilation or Controlled Environment

  • Integral Lighting

  • Factory Wiring or Plumbing

  • Weatherproofing

  • Acoustical Floor

  • Vibration Isolation

  • Double Leaf Doors

  • Custom Finishes

  • Custom Fabrications

Floor and ceiling
attachments provide
excellent acoustical
sealing and structural
rigidity. The floor
mounting angle may be
located inside or outside
the enclosure. All
attachment connectors
provide a smooth and
clear appearance to both
the interior and exterior
of the structure.

A reinforced, seamless
corner assures acoustical
integrity while adding
overall rigidity of the
structure. Our unique
approach to the
interconnection of each
module permits individual
access to all elements
for placement or structural

The window module may
be specified in lieu of a
standard panel. Each
window module is
available in either single
or double glazing,
consistent with the
performance criteria for
the enclosure. Although
the window assembly
is factory sealed, each
pane is removable for
cleaning or replacement.

The door module is
totally interchangeable
with standard panel
modules. Each door
module is furnished
complete with the
acoustical jambs, seals
and safety latches. The
entire assembly is as
easily installed as a
panel module.