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Alphasonic Acoustical Panels

Alphasonic Panels

A major dairy processor needed to reduce
noise in the production area. Any noise
control material considered had to comply
with stringent, corporate and USDA
sanitation requirements.



An electronics manufacturer needed to
reduce noise and provide a Class 10,000
room within a Class 100,000 environment


Alphasonic Conveyer guards reduce noise
and provide quick access

The Alphasonic® Noise Control System offers a new approach to noise abatement. Alphasonic® panels* and prefabricated framing will adapt to any desired configuration. This creates an effective noise barrier which is transparent, lightweight, portable and fully functional as a machine guard. With modular construction, every Alphasonic® panel is independently accessible for easy removal, or, in large assemblies for rapid dismantling. Panels and framing may be removed without disturbing adjoining components. Costly ventilation and cooling systems are usually not required due to the panels intrinsically high thermal conductivity.

Now with increased government regulations and company awareness of employee safety, it is more important than ever before to be aware of proper methods of shielding workers from possible injury. Low cost Alphasonic® panels are rigid, transparent sheets formed into parabolic sinusoidal contours where sound energy is reflected and concentrated along a media strip. The diffusion, absorption and sound wave interference results in extremely high acoustical performance. Alphasonic® panels react to noise the same way a solar collector reacts to light.

Alphasonic Panels Side View


  • Modular construction adapts to any size or shape
  • Chemical resistant – can be washed or steam cleaned to sterilize
  • Aseptic and particulate shielding
  • Stops noise
  • Transparent – process is in complete view
  • Package burst protection
  • Instant operator access
  • Eliminates cross contamination from adjacent product lines
  • Satisfies machine guarding requirements
  • Self draining
  • Containment of mist, dust and fumes
  • Demountable for maintenance
  • Interchangeable modules

Fast Installation

Alphasonic® panels may be easily cut or drilled with ordinary hand tools. An integral flange makes the unit easy to mount, hinge, slide or join into larger barriers or total enclosures. Units can be enlarged or reduced in size in six inch increments to completely enclose any undesirable noise source such as can and bottle canning lines, feed enclosures, machine and metal stock guards, etc.

Panels Meet Current Regulations

Alphasonic® panels are not affected by most industrial chemicals and solvents and meet current FDA and USDA requirements. Because of the contoured design of the panels there are no cracks or crevices to accumulate dirt and other foreign matter. Each unit or the entire system may be washed down or steam cleaned to sterilize. In addition Alphasonic® acoustic panel systems generally require no ventilation as the panels are designed to dissipate heat.

Alphasonic panelsAlphasonic Fits Any Size, Large or Small

The patented Alphasonic System is an economical way to satisfy sanitation requirements, stop noise and contain fumes while providing a clear view of the process. Portability allows the containment system to be time-shared or quickly moved to meet changing production needs.

Alphasonic panels are smooth, rigid plastic sheets with no cracks or crevices for product accumulation. Impervious to most chemicals, the Alphasonic System may be washed or steam cleaned to sterilize. A self-draining, sealed support frame is furnished in stainless steel or a variety of finishes.

High impact strength makes the system ideally suited for machine guarding or burst protection on pressurized packaging lines. Hermetically tight construction provides positive mist, dust and fume containment. For cost effectiveness, a sterile environment may be maintained within the Alphasonic System without subjecting the entire, exterior area to rigorous clean room or sanitation standards. Ventilation and cooling systems are usually not required; however, Alphaloc Silencers and/or solid state air systems may be specified for total emission control. The low thermal gradient prevents internal condensation and possible contamination.

Alphasonic Acoustic Panel System
Property ASTM Test Method Alphasonic Rating
Weight 12 lbs
Length – Inches 47-5/8
Width – Inches 23-3/4
Flange Width – Inches 1 nominal
Depth, peak to peak – Inches 4-1/4 maximum
Thermal Conductivity (U Factor), BTU – in/sq ft - hr °F 1.74
Dielectric Strength – Volts D149 56,000 minimum
Light Transmission – % 87
Refractive Index D542 1.47
Specific Gravity D792 1.2
Flammability – Panel/Wedge D635/UL94HEF-1 Passed
Water Absorption, 24 hrs – % D570 1.6
Continuous Service Temperature – °F 150 maximum
Impact, Falling Dart – ft/lbs 39
Thermal Expansion – in/in/°F D696 8.00E-05
FDA Acceptable FDA 121.2510/177.1640 Yes

Not recommended for use with: Acetone, Benzene, Carbon tetrachloride or oxidizing agents.

Alphasonic Acoustic Panel System
Frequency – Hertz (cps) Transmission Loss – dB Absorption Coefficient – %
100 22 38
125 23 38
160 12 43
200 15 43
250 16 43
315 17 61
400 18 61
500 21 61
630 27 112
800 31 112
1000 35 112
1250 37 95
1600 38 95
2000 38 95
2500 40 94
3150 44 94
4000 45 94
5000 47 94
  NRC*0.78 FSTC 27

*NRC is the average of coefficients from 250Hz to 2KHz.

Maximum is 0.95 test panels joined by aluminum “H” connector and sealed with acrylic rubber.
Tested per ASTM E 336-71, ASTM E 413-70T and ASTM C 423-66.

Designs and specifications contained herein are subject to change without notice.